Use a Merchant Cash Advance to Enjoy the Good Times and Prepare for the Bad

The economy is expanding quite rapidly right now. The unemployment rate has dropped to 4 percent, wages are finally growing at a healthy clip,and stock markets are near record highs. It’s a good time to be in business, and a great time to expand. Many companies are now turning to merchant cash advances (MCAs) and other forms of funding to expand their business. Still, there are some serious risks. President Donald Trump is looking to reset… Read more

The Growth Of The Global Economy Will Help American Small Business

There’s an old saying that a butterfly flapping its wings in London can cause a typhoon in China. That might be a bit of hyperbole, but global trade and economic winds can have a huge influence on small businesses. With America and Europe’s economy both looking strong, we expect small businesses to do well this year. With markets looking set for continued strength, now is the perfect time to apply for a cash advance. By… Read more

Small Businesses Are Going to Enjoy a Boom, MCA’s Can Help

Small Businesses Are Going to Enjoy a Boom, MCA’s Can Help The Small Business Optimism Index surged to 105.8 points in December of 2016. Scores haven’t reached such heights since back in 2004. That helps explain why 23% of business believe that now is the time to expand, while 31% are expecting higher sales. Consumer confidence has been on the rise also.  The Consumer Confidence Index reached 113.7 in December of 2016. This also marks… Read more

Why Dentists Frequently Turn To Cash Advances

We serve many different clients across a range of industries. We want to take some time, however, to outline the benefits of a merchant cash advance for clients in specific industries, and one of the many industries we frequently work with is the dental industry. Dentists can make quite a bit of money. You might be familiar with the dentist stereotype, guys out on the golf course, hitting the links with expensive golf clubs, talking… Read more

For Businesses Big and Small, Liquidity is a Must

Many businesses fail not because they couldn’t find customers, or didn’t offer a good product that solves a pressing pain, but instead   because they run into liquidity issues. Running a business isn’t cheap, even when you’re producing solid revenues, and customers are loving your products.  Sometimes unexpected costs crop up, or sometimes a client doesn’t pay a bill on time, or perhaps you just made an accounting mistake. In these situations, among others, a business… Read more

Funding Sources Options To Raise Capital For Your Business

Access to funding when you need it is essential to both emerging and established businesses. So where can you find it? There are far more sources, which are far more accessible, than you may have imagined. Your capital acquisition strategy may include a combination of funding sources. It’s smart to diversify, and a blend of debt, equity, and possibly grants is a great idea. Here are some options:* If your company needs cash to cover… Read more