Gas Station Loans

Express Funding provides cash advance loans to gas stations owners who have been unsuccessful in obtaining loans from banks and other types of traditional loan financing institutions. Our Gas Station Cash Advance loans are the perfect substitute when your loan requests have been rejected by banks due to bad credit and other reasons.

How it Works

Your advance cash loan will be based on your future monthly credit card receivables. There is no need for collateral or a personal guarantee. And unlike banks, we do NOT consider bad credit history as a problem in affording you the funding that you so urgently require.

Since the cash advance gets repaid via your business’ daily cash flow, there are no fixed payments required. An advantage of this form of reimbursement is that the repayments vary according to your cash flow. When your cash flow is low, your repayment amount is lower. This results in lesser stress on your cash flow and business operations.

We will provide your funds in only 3 days, provided that you have met your requirements. All we consider are two conditions: daily credit card returns and length of time in business

No restrictions

Express Funding puts no restrictions as to how you may use your business cash advance. As a Gas Station owner, you may use your loan for:

  • Remodeling or expansion
  • Getting a smoother and greater cash flow to pay for rents, wages and other daily operating costs
  • Buying new equipment, inventory and supplies
  • Other business needs

Apply Now

Our process is simple and we look forward to providing you with your much needed funding in the minimum amount of time possible. Upon receiving your application, we will get in touch with you ASAP to consider the financing options available for you.