Retail Store Funding


As a retail store owner, you may be well aware that profits are dependent upon sales turnover. However, profit margins on the majority of products sold in a retail outlet are low and a store owner looks to a high turnover for increased profits. You recognize the need for quick funds cash to purchase the inventory your business requires without having to pay out of your own pocket, and getting a quick funding from banks is difficult.

Express Funding Retail Store Cash Advance Program allows a retail store owner the following advantages:

  • You can purchase inventory at huge discounts
  • Get bulk discounts for upfront cash payments
  • Vastly improved profit margins
  • Wholesaler minimum order sizes not a problem anymore
  • You won’t let your customers down due to low inventory

How Does it Work

Unlike a bank which requires you to submit a large number of documents and takes a long time to evaluate your funding request, Express Funding needs the minimum amount of paperwork, no collateral and approves your funding within 72 hours. All you need to provide are credit card receipts (or bank statement) for the last 3 months of your retail store’s operation.

Easy Repayment Terms

Express Funding’s Retail Store Cash Advance is basically an advance against your future credit card receivables. The repayment amount is a fixed and preset percentage cut from your future monthly credit card receivables.

Since the cash advance gets repaid via your business’ daily cash flow, there are no fixed payments required. An advantage of this form of reimbursement is that the repayments vary according to your cash flow. When your cash flow is low, your repayment amount is lower. This results in lesser stress on your cash flow and business operations.

No Restrictions

Express Funding puts no restrictions as to how you may use your business cash advance. As a retail store owner, you may use your funding for new equipment upgrades, renovation or expansion, paying wages, settling invoices with your suppliers or even a new outlet. The choice and freedom is yours.

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