Physicians Funding


In running a medical institution, most medical specialists are continually weighing options when it comes to managing working capital. Crucial factors involved in smoothly running a business, such as renovations, new locations, equipment upgrades and more, are all heavily dependent on working capital and demand readily available funding.

Unfortunately, most banks and other traditional forms of financial institutions tend not to provide funding to medical practitioners, whom they consider as having much more debt than equity, bad credit and lack of collateral. However, these factors do NOT matter to Express Funding. We can customize a funding plan and provide quick funds to help you fulfill your financial demands. Our cash advance programs are quick and easy to get and feature very flexible repayment schedules.

Here’s how it works. Cash is transferred to the business’ account, in return for a monthly percentage cut of the estimated future credit card receivables for the business. This process continues, until the funding is paid back. It’s a smooth and resourceful way to control your working capital.

Since the cash advance gets repaid via your medical business’ daily cash flow, there are no fixed payments required. An advantage of this form of reimbursement is that the repayments vary according to your cash flow. When your cash flow is low, your repayment amount is lower. This results in lesser stress on your cash flow and business operations.

We require minimal paperwork and can provide you an unsecured funding for up to 500k, in order to help you fulfill your business requirements.

You will find that the electronic payment advance method is a most feasible working capital substitute. It is quick to obtain (within 3 working days), requires minimal paperwork and needs no personal guarantee or collateral.


Our application process is easy and quick. We look forward to providing you with your much needed funding in the minimum amount of time possible. Upon receiving your application, we will get in touch with you ASAP to consider the financing options available for you.