Dental Practice Financing


Whether you want to establish a new practice or grow your current one, Express Funding will help you finance your cash requirements for your Dental Practice. We have the experience, finance and immediate funding solutions to assist you in achieving your objectives.

Business Start-up

Express Funding offers a wide range of financing options and programs to help you establish your dental practice and achieve your goals. Setting up a dental practice not only requires initial costs for new equipment, property and more, but also other expenses, which include rent, employee wages and other functions, services and utilities. Our merchant cash advance program is easy to apply for and offers swift fund allocation with no restrictions and a flexible repayment method.

New Equipment

Technology is developing at breakneck pace and keeping pace with it is crucial for running your business smoothly. It is not surprising that you may find your dental and office equipment becoming obsolete more often and need to be periodically replaced by newer, more up-to-date versions. Express Funding understands that and offers a wide array of advance finance options that will enable you to upgrade in the easiest way possible. No pain, more gain.

Renovation, development, relocation

Remodeling your practice environment or expanding space to accommodate a growing clientele requires quick financing with the least hassles and restrictions. Our funding programs will allow you the necessary relief with its quick allocation and flexible reimbursement strategy.

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Our online application process is fast, easy and convenient. We will get back to you promptly after you have applied, to discuss what options we can offer you.