How it Works



Your application process begins when you fill out our online form, or call us at. Express Funding’s simple and minimal eligibility criteria requires that:

  1. Your business must be in operation for at least 3 months and you have to provide credit card receipts (or bank statement) for the last 3 months of operation. A one page application must accompany the above documents
  2. Companies that use credit card processing for transactions must have a gross revenue of minimum $____ monthly. Businesses that do not use credit card processing have to show a gross revenue of minimum $____ per month

The complete procedure with evaluation takes only 72 hours before we dispatch the cash advance to your account.


When you have submitted the necessary details and documents required by us, we determine the following:

  • What type of funding your business needs
  • What amount you will get
  • The payment time period

No matter how long it takes you to pay us back, we will not charge you any extra money during the entire reimbursement period. Also, there are no hidden costs or fees involved. Once you have the cash advance, you are free to use it anyway you want, whether for paying off debts, buying new equipment, renovating your outlet or opening a new one.


There are no fixed payments involved, since we get paid back via a percentage cut of your monthly sales figures. This also means that you get to pay back the same amount, no matter how long it takes you to pay back the funding.

You can pay us back through a small, predetermined percentage cut of your monthly credit card sales receivables. Or if you don’t accept cards, our Advance Clearing House(ACH) funding are the answer for you and your payments cuts are extracted from your bank account, like in fixed deposits.


You have now paid off the funding and can utilize your entire sales revenue. Your business will have grown by now and it’s time for you now to reap the fruit. You can now give your company a further boost by renewing your funding funding with us, with greater advantages, such as gained trust between Express Funding and your business establishment and a higher funding amount for your use.