Working Capital Funding


Cash is the life force of any business. A decrease in cash for a business means a decline in its capacity to cover expenses, fund operations, investing and reinvesting, etc. In this way, working capital serves as a basic measure for evaluating the cash flow or financial health of a business.

Working Capital is cash which is used to finance the daily operations of a company. More accurately, working capital is utilized by a business to finance the transformation of its raw materials into its finished goods. Effective management of working capital also eliminates a company’s need to borrow funds.

Working Capital Funding

A working capital funding could be the shot in the arm that your company needs to better support its growth and operations. Unfortunately for small businesses, it is very hard to obtain quick and easy funding due to stringent requirements and a lengthy approval process imposed by banks and other traditional money lending organizations.


Easy Application Process

Express Funding has made the funding application procedure very simple. Unlike banks and other credit institutions, we do not mind bad credit history and do not require financial statements, tax returns, or business plans for evaluation and funding approval. Only two conditions are considered: regular credit card returns and length of time in business

Quick Funding

Compared to traditional funding providers, small business cash advance programs require minimal paperwork and hence, a minimal amount of time to process the funding amount. We can provide you with your much needed funding in only 3 days following your funding request application.

Simple Collections Procedure.

To reimburse the funding, a small preset percentage of your future credit card receivables is deducted each month. It is irrelevant whether you reimburse your funding amount in weeks, months or even a year. In the end, you will still essentially pay back the same amount.


Unlike commercial funding, working capital funding are sales transactions and don’t disturb credit rating. There isalso no collateral required.

Use as You like

It is entirely up to you how to use your funding amount, as Express Funding imposes no restrictions in this regard. You may use it as indispensable working capital, to pay off debt, renovations, buying equipment, etc.


Apply online or call us now for friendly, helpful assistance. A working capital funding from Express Funding may prove to be the ideal solution for your needs.