Unsecured Business Funding

Unsecured Business Funding are attained on the basis of credit rating and financial history of a business. No collateral is required and companies with poor credit history, lack of equity in assets and property find unsecured cash funding as an ideal alternative.

Advantages of Unsecured Business Funding

Express Funding’s unsecured funding provide a valuable alternative to small and medium sized businesses due to no collateral being required, as is the case with more conventional forms of financing provided by banks and other funding providing institutions in the market.

Here are the main advantages that an unsecured business funding has to offer:

  • Flexible payback options
  • No collateral required
  • Fast approval process
  • Large monthly paybacks not required
  • Loan approved where banks and other institutions are likely to decline
  • Bad credit history NOT a problem

No Usage Restrictions

Express Funding imposes no restrictions on a business as to how it will use its funding. We fully understand that unsecured funding are the ultimate and hassle free solution for small and medium sized businesses to get the necessary working capital for business expansions, new locations, paying off debt and renovation costs, buying new equipment and upgrades, etc. We are dedicated in providing unsecured cash funding that assist businesses expand and prosper in the long run.

Easy Procedure

Our easy-to-use online application takes only a short time to complete, and we can process and approve your unsecured funding in a minimum time period of 3 days.