Small Business Funding


We at Express Funding know the important role small businesses play in boosting the country’s economy and growth. However, despite that, it is still difficult for small businesses to acquire vital funding in the forms of funding from banks and other traditional finance institutions.

In an economy troubled by recession, funding for small businesses are difficult to get, whether you have a good credit record or not. Since small businesses depend a lot on smooth cash flow to succeed, funding is always quickly required. Unfortunately, most banks take a long time to process and make available the vital funding a business may have applied for and needs quickly.

Mainly during to this reason, most small businesses turn to other options for funding, namely Cash Advances. Cash advances programs not only provide quick funding, but afford a flexible repayment schedule.

Whether you own a gas station, barber shop, or are a female entrepreneur, Express Funding is willing to help you in fulfilling your needs and making your dreams come true. Our application process is easy and quick to follow and you can get approval and the vital funds your business needs within 3 business days..

How It Works

Initially, you get a funding in the form of a cash advance. The finance amount and repayment amount and schedule are predetermined. To reimburse the funding, a small preset percentage of your future credit card receivables is taken each month. It is irrelevant whether you reimburse your funding amount in weeks, months or even a year. In the end, you will still essentially pay back the same amount.

Once you have paid back the amount, you will once again start earning 100% of all your sales receivables. Everything will be as standard, except now, you will have a smoother and bigger cash flow and your profits will have increased.

Advantages of a Small Business Funding

Small business funding offer the following advantages:

Safety. There isNO credit or collateral required

Simple Collections Procedure. Business advance funding is an easy and straightforward. There is no need for financial statements, tax returns, or business plans during evaluation and funding approval. Only two conditions are considered: regular credit card returns and length of time in business

Quick, Easy Cash Access. Compared to traditional funding providers, small business cash advance programs require minimal paperwork and hence, a minimal amount of time to process the funding amount. We can provide you with your much needed funding in only 3 days following your funding request application.

Higher Rate of Approval. Small business funding providers consider real business performance, as opposed to credit for their funding evaluation process. An advance is provided by evaluating a business’s previous year’s average monthly revenue. This is a more easy and hands-on method for a business to be considered eligible for a funding.

Revenue based payback schedule. Reimbursement amounts will differ according to your sales volume and cash flow. The more your cash flow, the higher our payback amounts. And during tight periods, we will cut back our share accordingly. This process will allow us to help support the growth and success of your commerce, as opposed to exhausting it.


Apply online or call us now for friendly, helpful assistance. A small business cash advance from Express Funding may prove to be the ideal solution for your needs.