Merchant Cash Advance


Express Funding’s merchant cash advance funding will allow you to form and grow your business as you’ve always planned. It is the ideal solution to get the necessary working capital for business expansions, new locations, paying off debt and renovation costs, buying new equipment and upgrades, etc. We are dedicated in providing merchant cash advances that assist small to medium business companies expand and prosper.

MCAs ensure a greater approval rate than common bank funding. Our funding experts will assist you in each step of the simple, no obligation procedure.

How does it work?

Your future transactions are your greatest unused asset. Express Funding will provide you with a lump sum funding amount for a portion of your upcoming business credit card sales.

Simply, we get reimbursed with a small fixed percentage of your monthly credit card revenues. This payment will be allocated to us through your credit card processor.

The repayment schedule will be easy and adjustable with your business cash flow and the repayment amount will vary according to the funding amount we will provide you.

Advantages of a Merchant Cash Advance Loan

In the small to medium sized business arena, having cash flow is vital for a business to survive and grow. And in an economy plagued by recession, where credit markets are down, businesses are continuously looking for cash options. Merchant cash advances provide the ideal solution.

Merchant cash advances offer the following advantages:

No Credit or Collateral Required. MCAs are a safe bet for acquiring cash. Unlike commercial funding, MCAs are sales transactions and don’t disturb credit rating. There is also no danger of losing collateral.

Simple Collections Procedure. MCA funding is an easy and up-front method from beginning to end. It requires no financial statements, tax returns, or business plans for evaluation and funding approval. An MCA provider only looks at two conditions: daily credit card returns and length of time in business

Fast and Easy Cash Access. Traditional funding methods require weeks and even months of evaluation to process funding requests. However, MCAs require minimal paperwork and hence, a small amount of time to process a funding amount. We can provide you with your much needed funding in only 3 days following your funding request application.

Higher Rate of Approval. MCA providers consider real business performance, as opposed to credit for their funding evaluation process. An advance is provided according to an evaluation of a business’s previous year’s average monthly revenue. This makes it easy and practical for a business to be considered eligible for an advance.

Repayment Based on Revenue. MCA collection amounts will vary according to your sales volume. The more sales you make, the higher our retrievable amounts. And during tight periods, we will cut back our share proportionately. This process allows the MCA provider to help support the growth and success of a business, as opposed to exhausting its funds.

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Our process is simple and we look forward to provide you with your much needed funding in the minimum amount of time possible. Upon receiving your application, we will get in touch with you ASAP to consider the financing options available for you.