Business Funding for Women

Express Funding firmly believes that women entrepreneurs can be progressive leaders and strong achievers in the business world. According to research, the non-hierarchal and horizontal line of approach women adopt in running businesses can be a huge advantage, resulting in increased output, efficiency and productivity. In turn, employee demotivation and turnover rates are low.

It is because of this unique quality of leadership that women have proven to have that Express Funding is willing to provide funding to ambitious female entrepreneurs. We believe in boosting the economy by nurturing good relationships with women-owned businesses and providing more jobs in the market. Our flexible lending options can assist you in getting your much needed financial resources to help you expand your business and success.

Where more traditional funding options might have failed in the past to provide you with necessary funding, Express Funding has the means to help you in the shortest time possible. We are linked to the top finance providing institutions in the market and have the means necessary to satisfy your requirements.

So stop waiting and contact us now. Our application process is simple and we look forward to provide you with your much needed funding in the minimum amount of time possible. Upon receiving your application, we will get in touch with you ASAP to consider the financing options available for you.