Business Funding After Bankrupcty


Achieving success in business requires taking risks. Indeed, risks may pay off handsomely. But they may also prove disastrous and could easily lead a business to bankruptcy. Express Funding understand that taking a decision to file for bankruptcy may be a wiser alternative to being termed a failure and offer an ideal solution – a business funding after bankruptcy funding.

Our Easy Solution – Business Cash Advance

Due to bankruptcy, it is very difficult to obtain a funding from a bank or other traditional funding providing institutes. Because of your bad credit history, moneylenders will be less than willing to risk having a bankrupt person or business as their customer.

However, for Express Funding, bad credit history is no problem. We will provide you with a cash advance and receive reimbursement from your future monthly proceeds. It’s that simple. There are no application costs involved or accumulative interests involved. You repayment will be in the form of a percentage cut of your monthly revenues.

We offer two kinds of funding options:

  • For businesses that earn income through credit card processing, we provide a Merchant Cash Advance. No fixed payment schedules or due dates are involved. Instead of monthly fixed payments, the borrower pays the lender a predetermined and fixed percentage of his monthly credit card receivables. If your sales are low, we will also allow you to pay a lesser amount each month.
  • For businesses that receive payments through checks or deposits, we offer our Automatic Clearing House (ACH) funding plan. These funding are geared for those businesses that earn income without the means of credit card processing. Borrowers will repay their funding amount through weekly or monthly bank deposits.

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