Business Financing Options


Express Funding is a reliable name in the market and the ideal source when your business requires quick and easy funding with no strings attached. Express Funding offers a wide range of advance cash funding offerings for all categories of businesses and industries. We know how difficult it is for small businesses to acquire quick financing with easy payback terms and we are the right choice to finally afford you with your necessary funding funding.

How to Apply

Fill out our easy online application form and we will contact you within 24 hours. You don’t have to submit any private or detailed financial data, all we require is the preceding 4 months of your business credit card and bank statements. For businesses not accepting credit cards, we simply require your bank statements for the last 4 months. We will need this information to work out the funding amount you will be eligible for. After you have submitted the application form online, we will contact you to confirm the advance cash funding amount you are qualified for.

Once we examine the funding options available for you, we will provide you with the wire. It’s that simple and there are no hidden costs involved.

Please note that the information you have provided will be kept private and will not be used to expose you to any unwelcomed and annoying offers for products and services.