About Us


We are a funding funding company that specialized in funding cash advance funding to businesss across the country.

There are a number of reasons that would drive a company to look for quick funding. These days, many small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to get funding from banks and other conventional forms of funding providers. Ttraditional funding take too long to evaluate to process a funding request, especially when a small business entrepreneur needs the money fast.

Express Funding is fully committed to helping you solve your cash needs and to grow your business successfully. Express Funding is a renowned name in the cash advance funding market and has helped many businesses from around the country with our quick funding and progressive style of business. Being in the market forefront, we are linked to the top finance providing institutions and have the means necessary to satisfy your funding requirements in no time at all. Our resourcefulness, innovative approach and prompt services are what make us prominent and so trustworthy in the market.

We understand how vital it is to provide quick funding for you to maintain your businesses cash flow. Express Funding will swiftly provide you with your cash advance as well as offer you a convenient and extremely flexible repayment schedule.